Training Programs 


Leverage Safety has a network of experienced trainers that will bring a tailored, practical and pragmatic solutions to your safety training efforts. Leverage Safety training courses will be designed with your input so as to be directly relevant to your workplace. 


Leverage Safety trainers meet the highest levels of credibility, competence and professionalism. 


Training can be provided either at your site, office or virtually. Upon request, tailored or internationally accredited courses can be delivered.​​​

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

This course is designed to embed a mindset of hazard identification, and will help participants to acquire the practical knowledge and skills to identify the hazards, assess the risk and then document and manage the risks effectively. All training is done in alignment with ISO31000.

Auditing & Verification

This courses focuses on using best practice audit techniques and proven audit methodologies to help internal auditors to identify and focus in on the things that will really make a difference. This training will provide participants with the know-how and practical skillset to improve orgnaizational HSE performance through verification and assurance. 

Emergency Response and Preparedness

Being able to respond to an emergency or crisis situation in a timely and effective manner can be critical to the long term survivability of your business. Our experienced trainers will provide invaluable training that will assist your personnel to readily identify threats, and assess the suitability of your mitigation and management measures - ensuring you're prepared to managed any situation effectively. 

Incident Investigation

Understanding why incidents have occurred in your organization and also what can be done to prevent re-occurrence is the key sustainable improvement. Incidents ultimately represent a loss for your organization, and this training is designed to provide participants with the practical skills and knowledge to professionally investigate all types of events using an industry-recognized root cause analysis (RCA) methodology and develop quality corrective and preventative action plans. 

First Aid

This training is focused on having employers and employees able to respond quickly and efficiently to workplace medical emergencies and develop the necessary skills to sustain life until paramedics arrives on site. 

Security Awareness

This course will provide up-to-date, industry-specific security awareness training. Participants of this course are expected to actively participate in exercises and briefings of real-world scenarios so that they build their practical understanding of the security context in their industry, and as a result be able to apply sound methodologies to manage their social and legal obligations.