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Frequently Asked Questions


To assist you in understanding who Leverage Safety is and what we do, we've captured some common questions from previous clients.

01 Is Leverage Safety a 'full service' consultancy?

Whilst many consultancies will say that they can do it all, but this is never really the case. This means that clients are often dissatisfied with what they've paid for. For this reason, Leverage Safety focuses on what we know best. Doing so ensures that we provide you with the highest quality service and deliverables. Our expertise includes the following; 


  • Oil and Gas Safety (Onshore & Offshore)

  • Construction Safety (inc. Fabrication Yards, LNG Plants, Civil, Infrastructure)

  • Mining Safety (Surface & Underground)

  • Renewable Energy Safety

  • Marine and Vessel Safety


If we recognize a mismatch between our skillset and your needs, we have a network of trusted partners we've worked with in the past who we're confident can provide you with an equally high level of service.


02 Do Leverage Safety's products meet international standards?  

Leverage Safety works with global suppliers to source international standard-compliant products, be it EN, ANSI, BS, AS/NZS, CE, JIS, CSA, or NFPA - we've got you covered. In some cases, there are no international standards specific to a product; in this case, we'll source the highest quality products available. Where products are in compliance with international standards, the relevant standard will be listed in the product description. If you need specific compliance information, please let us know. 


03 Is Leverage Safety pricing competitive?

Leverage Safety provides our goods and services at a fair and reasonable cost. We are upfront and transparent in pricing, allowing our clients to control their budgets.


Depending on the needs of the client, consultant cost structure can be (a) time-based (such as hourly), (b) day rate, and © project lump sum. Clients shall also be responsible for paying any required regulatory tax on services rendered in their local jurisdiction. 


We always encourage our clients to do their due diligence on product pricing and to understand the value of hiring and retaining quality HSE professionals that can meet your deliverables.


04 Can Leverage Safety help clients meet their safety obligations?


In our experience, irrespective of jurisdiction, there are general principles that apply to all workplaces, usually, these are well understood. What's not so clear and transparent are the obligations specific to your business, industry, region, your services or products and also the internal and external obligations that you have. Leverage Safety will be happy to work with you to understand your businesses HSE obligations. 


05 Can Leverage Safety truly tailor clients HSE training?

Our consultants are experienced industry professionals, and each has delivered many courses. We will work closely with you to tailor the training programs to meet your expectations and be relevant to your business, thereby more engaging and beneficial to your employees. If it's accredited training you're after, Leverage Safety, in conjunction with our partners, has the capacity to provide a number of accredited course across a range of HSE disciplines, just let us know what it is you're looking for and we'll advise whether it's something we can provide.


06 Are Leverage Safety's consultant insured?


Leverage Safety maintains up-to-date Professional Liability, General Liability, Cyber Liability, Workers' Compensation, and other relevant insurances. Details of which can be provided upon request. 

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