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Killers of Safety Culture: Problems and Solutions

A thriving company culture is vital for the success of any business. However, various factors can undermine the very essence of a productive and positive work environment. Let’s explore the seven critical "killers" of company culture identified by Justin Wright and the effective strategies to remedy these issues.

Ineffective Leadership

  • The Problem: When leaders fail to provide clear guidance, empowerment, and support, the result can be a directionless and demotivated workforce.

  • The Solution: Companies should invest in training and mentoring managers to combat this. Effective leadership programs ensure that managers are equipped to provide constructive feedback and act on team input, fostering a supportive and guided workplace.

Poor Communication

  • The Problem: A lack of effective communication leads to confusion and misalignment within the team.

  • The Solution: Encourage active listening and frequent sharing of information. Technology can also be crucial in keeping everyone informed and on the same page.

Lack of Appreciation

  • The Problem: Employees feeling their efforts go unnoticed or undervalued can decrease morale and productivity.

  • The Solution: Recognize and reward your team’s hard work. Regular acknowledgment and celebration of big and small successes can boost morale and encourage continued effort and engagement.

Employee Burnout

  • The Problem: Overworking employees can lead to burnout, stress, and fatigue, ultimately impacting their health and work output.

  • The Solution: Manage workloads effectively by being vigilant for signs of burnout. Encourage taking breaks and respecting off-hours to promote work-life balance.


  • The Problem: Excessive oversight and control can stifle employee autonomy and growth.

  • The Solution: Empower employees by trusting them to manage their tasks. Provide support when needed but avoid over-involvement. This trust can lead to growth and innovation.

Toxic Behavior

  • The Problem: Negative attitudes and actions within the team can poison the work environment.

  • The Solution: Never ignore toxic behavior. Address it directly, set clear consequences, and always foster an atmosphere of respect.


  • The Problem: Unfair treatment, intentional or unintentional, can hurt team morale and lead to resentment.

  • The Solution: Ensure fair treatment across the board. Make merit-based decisions and treat all employees equitably to maintain high morale and a sense of justice.

By addressing these seven critical areas, organizations can transform their company culture into a thriving, positive environment that promotes growth, satisfaction, and success.

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