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Maximizing Safety On-The-Go: The Portability of Your Safety Efforts

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Prioritizing Comprehensive Safety

In the oil and gas industry, establishing a secure work environment extends beyond routine safety slogans or reminders. It's crucial to focus initially on creating safe workplace conditions, ensuring the security of machinery, and implementing reliable processes. This approach prioritizes the foundational aspects of safety, setting the stage for effective safety coaching.

Safety: A Beyond-the-Job Responsibility

Statistics reveal that off-the-job injuries often surpass workplace incidents. Hence, encouraging employees to adopt safe practices outside the workplace is not just a prudent move but essential for maintaining business continuity. Our safety initiatives should offer practical and applicable guidance, transcending the physical boundaries of the job site.

Beyond Generic Safety Reminders

A common pitfall in safety messaging is its lack of specificity, akin to a "Drive Safely!" sign on a chemical tank farm. While well-intentioned, these messages often fail to provide the detailed guidance necessary for real behavioral change. In the oil and gas context, directives like "Be safe today!" need to be augmented with precise, actionable safety coaching.

Defining Safety in Actionable Terms

Caring about safety is the first step, but it's not enough. It's vital to clearly define what actions constitute safe behavior. This involves educating individuals about potential risks, necessary precautions, and the consistent application of safety measures. A tragic example highlights this need – an executive who cared about safety but suffered a fatal accident at home due to unforeseen risks.

From Slogans to Substantive Safety Culture

While slogans like "Be safe today!" can initiate a focus on safety, sustaining and deepening this culture requires a clear articulation of specific safety-related beliefs and behaviors. Safety must be understood and practiced as an active process, visible in the daily actions of employees.

Making Safety a Core Value Inside and Outside the Workplace

To truly embed safety as a core organizational value, it’s essential to clearly define and reinforce what it means in terms of observable actions. This clarity enables effective coaching and performance improvement, extending the impact of safety principles beyond the workplace.

In summary, for the oil and gas industry, safety initiatives need to be more than just slogans; they should be integrated into the very fabric of organizational culture. This integration ensures that safety becomes a guiding principle, resonating with employees not just at work but in every aspect of their lives.

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