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Lesson from Marketing for Safety and Organizational Improve

Updated: Jul 18

In the world of marketing, there's a principle known as "reinforcing the mind's decision." This principle focuses on positively reinforcing a customer's decision to buy, ultimately fostering loyalty and improving the business. Interestingly, this principle can be applied to reinforce the supporters of change initiatives as well. In this article, we will explore the importance of reinforcing support for change efforts, specifically in the context of safety and organizational improvement.

Building Support through Positive Reinforcement

In marketing, businesses invest time and effort in reinforcing a customer's decision to buy. They make customers feel smart and valued, strengthening the buyer-seller relationship. Luxury car companies excel at this, reaching out to customers after a purchase or service to express gratitude and gather feedback. These practices enhance brand perception and increase the likelihood of repeat sales.

Parallels in Safety and Change Management

Unfortunately, in the realm of safety and organizational change, we often neglect to provide the necessary support and appreciation to reinforce the supporters of change. While we ask people to get involved, we fail to align our understanding of involvement with the expectations and needs of the individuals we seek to engage. This can lead to disengagement and a lack of enthusiasm for future change efforts.

Effective Employee Involvement

Many companies have mechanisms in place, such as employee suggestion systems and safety work order processes, to encourage employee involvement. However, too often, employees who contribute ideas or report safety concerns receive little to no feedback on the status of their contributions. This lack of communication can leave employees feeling ignored or undervalued. If people feel their efforts yield no results, they are less likely to support future change initiatives.

Sharing Scores and Results

Sharing scores and results is crucial in reinforcing support for change. Imagine watching a baseball game without knowing the score or having it shared with you—the game loses its appeal. Similarly, when striving for change within an organization, it's essential to share progress, successes, and missed opportunities with employees. Instead of solely focusing on failure scores, emphasize achievements and success scores to inspire and engage your workforce.

The Role of Change Agents

Change efforts are most effective when they involve individuals who willingly support and champion the initiative. These change agents play a crucial role in gathering information, influencing others, and accelerating change. Effective change methodologies encourage identifying and engaging these change agents, as they can pave the way for others to follow. By involving these influential individuals, organizations can create a positive ripple effect that drives change throughout the entire workforce.

Cultivating Culture Change from Within

True culture change occurs best when it originates from within an organization rather than being imposed from the outside. To foster support for change, it's important to make those involved feel smart about their decision to support the initiative. This can be achieved through clear communication, sharing of scores and progress updates, and celebrating wins and successes. The goal is to empower and motivate individuals to continue doing the right thing and actively participate in the journey towards a better future.

Reinforcing support for change initiatives is crucial for their success. By applying the principle of reinforcing the mind's decision, we can create an environment where individuals feel valued and smart about their involvement. Sharing scores, celebrating successes, and nurturing change agents within the organization contribute to a positive culture of improvement and engagement. Remember, it's not just about driving change; it's about making people feel good about being part of the journey towards a better future.

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